SYSTRA is Delighted to Announce the Opening of Our New Office in Newark, NJ

SYSTRA is Delighted to Announce the Opening of Our New Office in Newark, NJ

Located in the center of Newark’s booming business district at One Gateway Center, this new 5,200-square-foot space will enable SYSTRA to accommodate our growing team, provide the quality work and responsiveness our clients expect, and collaborate with teaming partners.

As architects and engineers of mass transportation and public buildings and spaces solutions, SYSTRA’s presence in Newark reinforces our commitment to the cities served by our clients.

The open layout composed of multiple small work clusters with high centralized review tables were direct manifestations of the team’s dynamic workflow and ideals to maintain a collaborative environment. Offices and conference rooms were situated towards the perimeter of the space and received full glass fronts; natural illumination and views to the surrounding city were maximized for the main work areas.

An open flowing reception space carefully merges lobby with pantry and establishes a direct connection to the main conference room. The layout was designed to provide an accommodating multi-function area for hosting staff and visitor events while keeping the main studio work areas free to focus on project development.

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SYSTRA A+E 1 Gateway Center, 11-43 Raymond Plaza West, Suite 1520, Newark, NJ 07102, USA | We are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council.