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SYSTRA IBT is an engineering firm solely dedicated to bridge engineering. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SYSTRA Group, a world leader in the design of transport infrastructure. SYSTRA IBT is a cornerstone of SYSTRA Bridges, a network of 350 bridge engineering specialists deployed worldwide. SYSTRA Bridges encompasses SYSTRA IBT’s offices in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, and SYSTRA’s bridge design hubs in France, South Korea, and India.

SYSTRA IBT’s bridge projects have been built in the United States, Canada, Panama, Australia, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Taiwan, and in the Middle East. SYSTRA’s experience in mass transit and infrastructure engineering includes projects located in 150 different countries throughout the world.

SYSTRA IBT’s professionals have extensive experience in all facets of bridge design, construction, and maintenance (see Services). Our clients include transportation authorities, general contractors, and multi-discipline engineering firms. We have been the Engineer-of-Record for both traditional design/bid/build and for design/build projects.

SYSTRA IBT’s niche bridge types include steel-concrete composite and all concrete cable-stayed structures, extradosed structures, and segmental concrete bridges. We are a world leader in metro and high-speed rail elevated guideway design. Our colleagues in SYSTRA Bridges also bring references in suspension bridges, arches, and truss bridges and references for 280 miles (450 km) of elevated guideway built using SYSTRA’s patented U-Shaped viaduct. SYSTRA is also recognized as a world leader in rail systems specialty engineering.

SYSTRA IBT emphasizes the importance of producing bridges tailor-designed for their site that are constructible and economical without sacrificing elegance. We aim to develop cost-saving concepts with well-conceived construction methods, selecting suitable materials based on cost-effectiveness.

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